Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CEO Space Membership Keeps Giving

Today I got another opportunity to help someone in the CEO Space Worldwide Network.

I truly love this. Once you join CEO Space and get the "new software upgrade of the mind" as Berny Dohrmann puts it, you operate completely differently in your business relationships.

Business in cooperation and asking of someone, what are you doing and how can I help you, is more powerful than you can imagine if you are outside of this unique network.

If you are an inventor, investor, entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, artist, singer, song writer, director, or anyone with a passion that they want to get out to the world, for profit or not for profit, the connections and resources are unmatched anywhere outside of the CEO Space Worldwide Network.

It gave me great joy again today to talk on the phone with a fellow member and be able to connect them to what they are currently needing and I haven't actually seen them in person for over a year.

The networking is ongoing. It just really gets a HUGE boost when you attend the 5 times a year forums.

I highly recommend you check into CEO Space.