Friday, November 20, 2009

The December 15th 2009 CEO Space Forum Looking To Be The Largest in 20 Years!

CEO Space membership has always been a good idea, in my humble opinion.

Now that is more true than ever before. With the economy the way it is, this is the ONE place YOU want to be.

Below is how the founder Berny Dohrmann describes the club and the upcoming December forum:

CEO SPACE is a private club which hosts five business trade programs each year for enrolled members.

Our mission is to reduce cost and time to reach growth goals you already set.

Clients buy a lifetime of trade shows for one low investment price.

Members upgrade business skill, develop new customers, and accelerate resource acquisition in a wide application of areas.

Investors Venture firms and Private Equity Firms attend.

CEO SPACE produces ongoing support through a global system of city networking clubs.

Teen Entrepreneur Programs are offered in July and December Forums.

Retreat Weeks attract CEO's at the top, those in the middle as well as development space projects.

Membership is offered by "invitation only" to entrepreneur CEO's by existing members of our twenty year old club system.To those seeking to contribute and be part of a worldwide extended "business family" ....may we convey, there are no accidents, you found us for a reason, and WELCOME HOME.

Any questions or if you are seeking information about membership, email me

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting the word out about Hansa Center for Optimum Health

I am getting the word out about a CEO Space member, Dr. David Jernigan.

Please check out his website

which then also refer you to his many interesting posts on his blog.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brain Food is What You “Feed” Your Brain In the Age of the Entrepreneur

Brain food is what you “feed” your brain.

In the age of the Entrepreneur,
broadcasts, FREE, world wide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all time zones, non stop BRAIN FOOD sharing the wisdom of the greatest trainers on earth and some who have graduated to the other side. For example, the best lessons ever created for:

· Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup
· John Gray – Men Are From Mars Woman Are From Venus
· Mark Victor Hansen – One Minute Millionaire
· Val Van DeWal – Born to Chose
· Bob Proctor – Born RICH & the SECRET
· Lisa Nichols – THE SECRET
· John Asharnoff – THE SECRET
· Wally Minto – Omega Institute of Brain research
· Jane Willhite of PSI World
· Jill Lublin – Networking Magic
· Tony Robbins – On Super Teaching
· Eve Hogan – Chicken Soup
· Les Brown – Leading Motivational Speaker
· Chris Major – Sports Mind
· Dr. Lee Pulos – Visioneering ( and many more )
· Barry Spilchuck – Cup of Soup for the Soul
· Susie Carder – Marketing
· Jerry Foster – Branding
· David Tyreman – World Famous Brands
· Jeff Magee – Publisher the Performance Magazine and best selling “IT”
· David Stanley – Impello Films – Elvis Presley’s brother – corporate Fortune Trainer
· Harv Eker – Peak Performance Seminars and Trainings
· JT Foxx – nationally known radio show host
· David Hiatt – Sandler Training and Marketing
· Harry Lay – CPA – built twenty years of Wal Mart Stores & many more you shop in
· Ed Bogle – leading coach in Energy Space
· Patrick Smyth – author of award winning Elephant Walk ( strategic planning )
· Leading Law Firms – on compliance capital and IT protection

This free live service is offered without gimmicks or upsells of any kind. The entire premise of the live broadcast is to assist the business owner, in every nation on earth, to enjoy better results in less time for lower cost.


Wealth has been known to accelerate rapidly when making a favorite and using Brain Food regularly. Brain Food may be addicting for YOUR brain. This site may be empowering for your mental and physical wealth. Regular use will make you smarter and more pro active with higher income, itself a known addictive additive. A strong side effect is better decision making for life.

Use this site with caution and we recommend not mixing the site with drugs or alchohol, which sharply diminishes site effectiveness. ;-)

Process at your own risk for a much better life.

This site has additional side effects of improved teams, and relationships ranging from life partners to parenting with reported extremely strong improvements in relationship ( if you wish to avoid these side effects DO NOT CLICK THIS WEB SITE ).

This site is not approved by the FDA or any other government agency for human consumpition.

No clinical trials have been performed on the effects of regular site use and all claims of advantages by thousands of user CEO’s world wide are made from their own experience without scientific data from CEO SPACE related to the outcome of regular use.

Proceed with cooperation and excitement when using this web site. If you make a favorite for this web site you may become addicted to regular use of the BRAIN FOOD web site and be unable to do other work on line without playing BRAIN FOOD in the background.

We apologize for any unwanted side effects from using this web site. Proceed at your own risk.

;-) ;-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CEO Space Membership Keeps Giving

Today I got another opportunity to help someone in the CEO Space Worldwide Network.

I truly love this. Once you join CEO Space and get the "new software upgrade of the mind" as Berny Dohrmann puts it, you operate completely differently in your business relationships.

Business in cooperation and asking of someone, what are you doing and how can I help you, is more powerful than you can imagine if you are outside of this unique network.

If you are an inventor, investor, entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, artist, singer, song writer, director, or anyone with a passion that they want to get out to the world, for profit or not for profit, the connections and resources are unmatched anywhere outside of the CEO Space Worldwide Network.

It gave me great joy again today to talk on the phone with a fellow member and be able to connect them to what they are currently needing and I haven't actually seen them in person for over a year.

The networking is ongoing. It just really gets a HUGE boost when you attend the 5 times a year forums.

I highly recommend you check into CEO Space.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CEO Space Worldwide Forum for Entrepreneurs Record Breaker

Forum 309 in March was record breaking with 1200 SNAPPING!

Now with the May class quickly approaching, do you want to be a part of this continued momentum?

The CEO Space Worldwide Forum market is designed for CEO small business owners and is improved “by” Small Business owners “for” small business owner profits, one class at a time, as well as by investor mentors FOR investors mentors.

The Forum has become a world trade show designed to apply quarter to quarter mentorship, as a fresh way to work ON your business as you step back from frantically working IN your business.

The improvements to your business results this May June and July will be so much greater if you step BACK to work ON your business versus working IN your business.

More and more CEO Space Executives are planning critical meetings and events to occur “AT” the Forum location drawing upon it as an enhanced setting to any existing key business event or already planned meeting.

I suggest you might be one of the many companies that move the location not the time line for your business meetings to the May 10th, 2009 CEO Space forum and employ the forum global trade show to expand alliances, create new customers and fresh market channels you may not be PROFITING FROM today.

More CEO’s are using CEO SPACE as their TOTAL marketing budget, where all five trade show drive their company growth in COOPERATION vs. Completion.

The income results beat many advertisement and branding executions with “far lower” marketing cost and far higher returns for time and money.

CEO SPACE is growing at triple digit growth in each new class vastly expanding your trade show market place.

These investments make your membership MORE VALUABLE.

You receive all the benefits of our investments to engineer our own hyper growth of the market to your value package, as you review the cost to miss each trade show in pure profit.

You miss so many options along with solving quarter to quarter biz problems with multiple experts helping you.

The Forum has grown a lot. The quality improvements cannot be transmitted here.

Members tell us we have done the job they most desired.

They report to us they are satisfied with the Forum in its new form as they continue to suggest further improvements we ARE implementing as well.

Our RECESSION BUSTER content is upgrading to post graduate college level across the board, influenced by a major international University and the difference (members tell us) is remarkable.

There is a reported “momentum continuity” taking place from using the forum as a necklace, more like a process than an event as you learn how to use one Forum to propel momentum into the next Forum.

As you use the Forum more as an ongoing system of marketing, a trade show more than a work shop, you realize the greater potential of your LIFETIME membership.

One forum ties to momentum in the next forum. The much larger size of the forum has created enormous value jumps for the existing members.

If you have not attended a forum you will be impressed by the options the forum delivers in growing customers more rapidly in revised format.

We have employed some outside experts to help us improve results for our past members and their help is working for YOU.

We intend to set another all time historic record attendance for May, breaking March’s new record Triple Digit growth for CEO SPACE means enormous gains in your membership value package.

Missing the forum has become a cost that is measurable when you spread sheet what you made staying away, those few days.



With SUPER STAR celebrities attending including forum co founder BOB PROCTOR for the entire week, with the University of Alabama on site, the May 10th Forum will be compelling for new business.

May is the ONE if you wish to SPRING FORWARD financially in your business.

Think of the Forum as the lowest cost marketing or ad promotion possible. Get more new customers or resources in “single week” than you would acquire in a full on year.

The May forum is critically timed to help business owners now versus later in the year to build MOMENTUM.


I just can’t wait to see you and help you with my A level team at the NUGGET making history at this new hotel property.

Don’t miss what is sure to be your DATE WITH DESTINY.

With Gratitude for YOU!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jan Altman’s Parody about BJ (Berny) Dohrmann's CEO Space

Who says that making money and creating a multi-million dollar business can’t have a lighter side?

Certainly not Jan Altman of Piano Wizard.

Jan is one of the many people that I have had the pleasure to meet and interact with from the worldwide network of CEO Space.

She really has an incredible success story that in her own words
“Is the most dramatic CEO Space success story ever”.

At some point in her life transforming experience in this network, she decided to write a little parody of the CEO Space network as if it were the formulary for a drug.

I have included it here with her full permission.


Brand name: BJ (Berny) Dohrmann’s CEO Space

Medical name: Entrepreneurium Successium

Background: CEO SPACE is used to treat symptoms in business and professional activities that include (but are not limited to):
• slowdown in business growth
• declining customer base
• limited funds
• feelings of being overwhelmed and alone
• lack of interest
• general feelings of "not going anywhere"
• inability to answer "what I need next"

CEO SPACE works by boosting levels of energy, enthusiasm, motivation, cooperation, and teamwork in the brain.

Taken on a regular basis, CEO SPACE is known to decrease the severity of, and sometimes remove completely, all of the above symptoms.

How should you take this medication?
CEO SPACE is available in two forms:
1) a single dose taken once per week
2) a more concentrated dose taken for a full week at a time, recommended five times per year.

CEO SPACE can be taken with or without food, and is not upsetting to the stomach.

Through clinical trials, patients have been known to experience symptom relief as immediately as the first day.

While missing a dose of CEO SPACE is not recommended, residual levels in your system will likely help you remain symptom-free.

Both regular and irregular patients of CEO SPACE meet to chat in an on-line forum every Monday night to share their experiences on the medication.

What side effects may occur?
Side effects cannot be anticipated.

If any develop or change in intensity, inform your local Club President (CP) as soon as possible.
Only your CP can determine if your dosage needs to be adjusted.

Common side effects may include:
• Enthusiasm in everyday life
• Sudden increase in income
• A growing circle of business associates and team members
• Renewed interest in business and professional activities
• Enhanced social life
• The urge to hug strangers

Your CP can help you if you feel that you are not getting enough side effects, and would like to experience more.

Are there dangers in taking CEO SPACE?
Clinical studies have shown that CEO SPACE can indeed become addictive. Whereas an addiction does not appear to impose any health threat to the patient, sudden stoppage of the medication can lead to sadness and feelings of being alone.

Other less-serious dangers include the inclination to speak quickly and forcefully in 30-second bursts, and the tendency to say "Wow." _______________________________________

I would add from my own experience that CEO Space is the most value and most effective “medicine” for access to all the resources any size business in many countries needs to start or expand.

Word must really be getting out about this “drug” as it is a 20 year record class in quality and quantity of resources for businesses.

Not just for people like T.Harv Eker, Jay Abraham, David Stanley, Jack Canfield and Bob Circosta but for all of us……….me, Jan Altman and who knows, maybe you.

Jan Altman,, Music Wizard Evangelist, Allegro MultimediaPalo Alto, CA

Find out more about CEO Space.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

CEO Space World Forum March 2009

This is the first forum for 2009!!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to refresh you about who & what CEO Space is and how CEO Space may help you. . .
  • Attract investors
  • Thrive in an uncertain economy
  • Create a powerful team
  • Attract new clients and customers
  • Drastically increase your income
  • Bring a new product to market
  • Patent and manufacture your invention
  • Develop multiple streams of income
  • Publish your book

CEO Space, the world’s oldest and largest entrepreneur’s networking organization, promotes a cooperative rather than competitive business model.

CEO Space Network support may include new, leading edge business skills, including such components as

  • sequencing (when is the appropriate time to do what, hire others for their services, and bring in other resources),
  • contacts to new markets and clients, legal support, business mentors,
  • access to funding resources,
  • business planning,
  • business plan writing experts, and capital plan formation.

CEO Space members tap into larger networks for problem solving, CEO-to-CEO role modeling, and developing accountability of measurable objectives.

In the past, CEO Space members received acknowledgements and awards including (but certainly not all inclusive) the below list:
Best New Consumer Electronic Product of the Year,
Best New Automotive Product of the Year,
Best New Pet Product of the Year,
Largest Independent Film Distribution Deal of the Year,
Best New Children’s Product of the Year, and Best Selling Books.

For nearly 20-years, CEO Space has helped countless entrepreneurs get access to resources to raise millions of dollars, as investors come to CEO Space knowing they will always find new and exciting products, and a wide variety of businesses in which to invest.

Some of our members testimonials:

Jack Canfield, author Chicken Soup for the Soul: "I guarantee your satisfaction with CEO Space, something I have never done with any other program...just DO IT. Your low tuition comes back so fast you'll wonder why you hadn't heard about CEO Space years ago."

Mark Victor Hansen, author Chicken Soup for the Soul: "If you want to triple your income and double your time off, join CEO Space's support plan. The mother-lode for capital, customers, team and speedy results is CEO Space. CEO Space is the lowest cost, fastest result business delivery system in the world today." 3

Dr. Lee Pulos, founder Spaghetti Factory: "Even if you have to stretch to get to CEO Space...don't delay the decision to join the CEO Space network. They'll help you get resources now if you lack them. I've seen more dreams come true from CEO Space"

Bob Harrison, best selling author: "It costs money to miss CEO Space. Moving IRS dollars to CEO Space lifetime membership is the answer; delay is an oxymoron."

Bob Circosta, Home Shopping Network: "CEO Space opens more markets and more customers to more business owners than any other plan in America. CEO Space will explode your business cash flow and keep new cash flow going for years."

Dr. Jerry Teplitz, trainer/author, Switched on Management: "Once you attend one you join "the" global network of your dreams. As an attorney, I'm conservative. As a Fortune 500 Company trainer I back CEO Space with my reputation to associations all over America."

Burke Franklin, CEO of Jian Software: "CEO Space is the single most important support plan for business owners in the world today."

Would you like to refer yourself or other entrepreneur, author, inventor or business person who could like more information about access to capital and all business resources in one place and to review the FAQ & videos?

Let me know if I can answer any of your questions by filling out the referral form for yourself or others.

Kathy Hadley

Well, All My Post Got Deleted by Accident

All of my prior posts somehow got deleted & the back up of them was corruped.

I guess that was Divine Synchronicity telling me to start over.

So here I am, starting over.

Kathy Hadley