Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If the world were only like CEO Space!

This is something that I and my other CEO Space member friends are always saying to each other...

"Wouldn't it be great if everyone was working in cooperation and not competition!"

Here we are, all of us, dealing with other business people day in and day out.

Outside of CEO Space members, you rarely find someone who realizes that when you work together where everyone wins rather than thinking that to win someone has to lose, life is a whole lot nicer!!!

Some very good people, who are very ethical and work hard still are worried about competition.

Just this week, another CEO Space member friend of mine was telling me about someone she met who was so concerned about his competition, he couldn't really see all the business possibilities he's missing out on.

Well, I told my friend, all we can do it keep showing people how you can work together so that everyone wins and hope that more business people will join
CEO Space and learn how wonderful it is when you have a worldwide network of business people asking you...."what is YOUR project and how can I HELP YOU!"