Sunday, April 29, 2012

What would you do with access to $100K to start or grow your business?

  • Use it for revenue generating activities such as creating products to sell, invest in marketing, or hire support staff?
  • THE GOOD NEWS: Regardless of whether you’re a start-up with no revenue, a service professional, or an existing business experiencing growing pains, there are funding resources available to you.

Sign-up for the webinar now. Spaces are limited. After you secure your spot, watch your email for date and time and other important information.

During our special LIVE webinar, you’ll discover:
  • Why this is a good time to think about funding for your business and how putting it off could hurt you.
  • How to access THOUSANDS in business credit funding without personal guarantees or credit checks.
  • How to FUND YOUR LAUNCHES of products and service regardless of your industry.
  • Strategies to LEVERAGE YOUR NETWORK for potentially thousands of dollars in resources.
  • Become a MONEY MAGNET by following a few simple strategies.
  • Creating a FUNDING PLAN for your business that will guarantee you’ll have money available when you need it.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Looking For Top Affiliate Marketers for Launch

This is important - we are getting ready for a BIG launch in May!

It’s our biggest program EVER! and here's why it matters to you:

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in commissions!

(Fill out application below to apply and get ready to make a lot of money!)

You might have heard claims like that before, but the truth is…
the program has actually served thousands of paying clients
over the last few years so we’ve already established a track record.

Not to mention the tens of thousands in commissions already paid.
We’ve added so much more value, we keep getting asked to officially “launch” it so here we are!

Here’s the feel good part…

You’ll be helping thousands of start up businesses and small to medium size businesses access exactly what they need and cannot get anywhere else.

I want to personally invite you to apply and see if you can qualify to participate in this promotional event.  (Those approved will be given more details of the program.)

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in commissions just waiting
to be scooped up. Someone's going to get them...
and it might as well be you.

So here are the IMPORTANT details:
First, launch date is May 9th.

Please put it on your calendar.

That's the day you can sit back and watch all those commission notices come flying into your inbox.

Second, prelaunch is going to start on April 25th. The first piece of prelaunch is a video that pre-sales for you.

There will be a lot more to share with you as we get closer.

Some More details:

- The $2,495 (with multi-pay) Platinum we-do-it-for-you option to sell to your clients.

- Commission is $698.75 plus upsales, side sales and down sales.

- There's going to be lots of prelaunch content, and
lots of chances for you to promote.

- Prelaunch starts Wednesday, April 25th.

- Launch is on May 9th

Sign up now by fully completing the application below:

Once it is completed, look for an email from

This program can only be promoted to U.S. clients, however, anyone can apply to become an affiliate as long as they only promote to the U.S.  You will be notified via email if and when you are approved.  We will be doing this rapidly so that there is plenty of time to prepare for the launch. 

 Affiliate Application
All fields must be completed and valid.
You will be contacted via email and phone
for additional information if needed.
Incorrect or not valid information will VOID your application.