Friday, November 20, 2009

The December 15th 2009 CEO Space Forum Looking To Be The Largest in 20 Years!

CEO Space membership has always been a good idea, in my humble opinion.

Now that is more true than ever before. With the economy the way it is, this is the ONE place YOU want to be.

Below is how the founder Berny Dohrmann describes the club and the upcoming December forum:

CEO SPACE is a private club which hosts five business trade programs each year for enrolled members.

Our mission is to reduce cost and time to reach growth goals you already set.

Clients buy a lifetime of trade shows for one low investment price.

Members upgrade business skill, develop new customers, and accelerate resource acquisition in a wide application of areas.

Investors Venture firms and Private Equity Firms attend.

CEO SPACE produces ongoing support through a global system of city networking clubs.

Teen Entrepreneur Programs are offered in July and December Forums.

Retreat Weeks attract CEO's at the top, those in the middle as well as development space projects.

Membership is offered by "invitation only" to entrepreneur CEO's by existing members of our twenty year old club system.To those seeking to contribute and be part of a worldwide extended "business family" ....may we convey, there are no accidents, you found us for a reason, and WELCOME HOME.

Any questions or if you are seeking information about membership, email me